Every Living Creature Dies Alone


I know that this may seem really odd, but I have a theory that if the world was in a catastrophic state, after an apocalypse or an alien invasion…that our lives would have a purpose. I know I know that sounds really morbid and fucked, but think about it…Right now our lives are practically prewritten, we are just going through the motions. In a weird way it would give our lives a meaning, to survive. :/ ~http://lifeandtimesofafreak.tumblr.com

I saw this quote on someone’s tumblr blog today and have to say I agree with it completely.  I wrote about this a bit ago here.

However, on an entirely different note..sorta…it brings to mind that even though it would bring our lives meaning, it would also make our lives a possible living nightmare. People we knew and were friends with may be gone, our livelihood gone. There is the possibility that we would not have heat or air conditioning and we would be rather uncomfortable and have a hard time adapting to the environment of a post-apocalyptic society. There might not be an internet or phones or cars. We won’t know until it’s too late what we would really need to survive this new world.

The line “Every Living Creature Dies Alone” is an interesting quote as it its true in some ways, but if you look at it from the perspective of a mass extinction, it doesn’t quite fit. Yes, we are all alone at the final moments; there is no discussion with the person next to you as you are passing from this life into the next. Once we move on, to wherever that may be, we still may be alone. I think the most horrifying destination would be a world where you are alone forever. I think I’d rather have my nemesis alive somewhere if it meant that I would not be completely and utterly alone.

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