Why People are Choosing to Rent – The New American Dream

The following “shareslide” discusses why renting is more popular than buying, at the moment. The statistics and “facts” based on these statistics seem to have a lot of  assumptions built into it that will be addressed in a future article.  However, it is still an interesting glance/read-through to flip through when you have the time. It is also wise to know what the propaganda says of denial of income disparity and inequality that this article propogates. (See D.C.’s plan to end homeless crisis prompts a different struggle and Where, Oh, Where Can Minimum Wage Earners Afford to Rent a One-Bedroom Apartment?)

As more people choose to rent apartments over buying homes, North American Properties – Atlanta (NAP) has released “The New American Dream” SlideShare that looks at who the new renter is, what factors are contributing to this trend and what it means for the future of multi-housing. NAP first became interested in studying this phenomenon after receiving a flood of inquiries for its luxury rental property, Haven, at Avalon, a $600 million mixed-use development opening Oct. 30 in Alpharetta, Georgia.


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